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10:40am 25/01/2011
  Researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada, are currently conducting a study of  FEAR OF CHILDBIRTH.

We are looking for a sample of pregnant women from across North America to complete a short online questionnaire about their fears and concerns about pregnancy and childbirth.

For more information or to take the 15-min online survey, please click here:

For information on research at the Mother Infant Wellness Lab click here:

Thanks very much for your participation!
04:17pm 22/08/2010
  I'm 23 weeks now with my twin boys and whenever I'm up for more than a few minutes at a time I start to get really crampy with lots of pressure. Is this normal so early for a twin pregnancy?

I'm just worried about everything and I feel like my dr. doesn't seem to be concerned about preterm labor at all. My cervix was just barely 3 cm with no funneling a couple of weeks ago. Another lady I spoke to with twins was put on bedrest with a cervix of 2.8, but my dr. says its fine and they won't check again for another month. It seems like all the other twin mommas I speak to are getting much more monitoring.
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Birth Announcement 
07:09pm 08/07/2010
  I had my twins via planned c/s on June 15th. Here are the details:

Baby A: Megan, born 8:05am, 5lb 5oz 18"
Baby B: Lindsey, born 8:06am, 5lb 11.5oz, 19.25"

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Ewan & Rhys 
09:31pm 04/04/2010
  On Friday the 26th of March I gave birth to my two beautiful baby boys. Ewan Thomas Davies and Rhys John Davies.  
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My World, Let Me Show It To You: 
09:39pm 03/01/2010
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March of Dimes: Fight 
11:50am 17/11/2009
  Today Unite Bloggers are blogging for March of Dimes Fight For Preemies.

In honor of this, I'd like to give some stats and info for those who are in a twin pregnancy now:

The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC) reports that about half of all twins are born before 36 weeks. The National Vital Statistics Report for 2006 reports that 60% of twins were born preterm (less than 37 completed weeks of gestation) and 12% were considered very preterm (less than 32 completed weeks of gestation).
What MoD says specifically is that about 60 percent of twins, more than 90 percent of triplets, and virtually all quadruplets and higher-order multiples are born premature. The length of pregnancy decreases with each additional baby. On average, most singleton pregnancies last 39 weeks; for twins, 35 weeks; for triplets, 32 weeks; and for quadruplets, 29 weeks.

The MoD says women who are expecting multiples generally need to visit their health care providers more frequently than women expecting one baby. These extra visits can help prevent, detect and treat the complications that develop more often in a multiple pregnancy. Health care providers may recommend twice-monthly visits during the second trimester and weekly (or more frequent) visits during the third trimester.
Starting around the 20th week of pregnancy, a health care provider monitors the pregnant woman carefully for signs of preterm labor. The provider may do an internal exam or recommend a vaginal ultrasound to see if the woman’s cervix is shortening (a possible sign that labor may begin soon).
Even if a woman pregnant with multiples has no signs of preterm labor, her provider may recommend cutting back on activities sometime between the 20th and 24th weeks of pregnancy. She may be advised to reduce her activities even sooner and to rest several times a day if she is expecting more than two babies.
As a multiple gestation progresses, the health care provider regularly checks the pregnant woman’s blood pressure for preeclampsia. The provider also may recommend regular ultrasounds starting around 20 weeks of pregnancy to check that all babies are growing at about the same rate.

So what can you do to help your babies be born healthy?

Eat well. Follow your doctor's advice. Be sure that your doctor has awareness of the special challenges multiple pregnancies face. Discuss whether or not you should get the corticosteroid shot to help your babies lungs develop. Go to all your doctor appointments, even if you feel well. Always take signs of preterm labor seriously.

Your babies have some of the best chances they've ever had now because of research in prematurity. Others are fighting the fight on different grounds, protecting and researching how a multiple pregnancy has it's best chances of being healthy. March of Dimes is fighting for all babies born premature, though, and for most of us twin moms, are kids fall into this category. Be aware, pass this info on to other moms-to-be that you know.
An update of the momumental kind (at least, for me). 
03:25pm 20/10/2009
  I posted two weeks ago about how shocked and scared my fiance and I were to find out I was pregnant, just five months after having fraternal twin girls. I can't tell you guys how reassuring it was to hear how others have done it, survived and maintained sanity!

The kicker is, and I just got the call from the doctors office last night after getting the results from the lab, that my doctor is positive I am pregnant with twins. My hormone level should've been around 808; it was 1614. Double, almost exactly, of what it should've been.

So, let's recap the situation: We're finally acclimated to living in our two bedroom condo we just bought three months ago, we have five month old twin girls and are now expecting twins in late May, when the girls will be a little over 12 months old.

Anyone out there going through or gone through -this-?

(x-posted in hopes of finding someone who can relate)
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3 New Posts on My Twin Pregnancy Blog: In-Laws Visit and My Belly Tours San Francisco Landmarks 
04:07pm 28/08/2009

3 new posts are up on my blog!

Eating for 3

This week includes:
-The cookie suitcase
-My belly at different San Francisco landmarks (Ghirar-belly Square anyone?)
-My hippie deodorant
-How much weight I gained in one week (I'm having twins, OK?)

And of course:
-What fruit my twins are closest in size to this week. (Hint: Rhymes with "antelope.")

The notorious cookie suitcase

My belly and Alcatraz

Sorry for the bold text. LiveJournal's been acting weird today. Believe it or not when I edit it in HTML to change the bolding it deletes the whole thing.
I'm Having Twins, Too - Wanna See My Blog? 
05:10pm 25/08/2009

Two weeks ago we found out we're having a boy and a girl. The technician said, "He really likes to show me his scrotum."

I started a pregnancy blog about the twins about a month and a half ago. Please check it out.

Ultrasound with both twins.

My dad is a few months farther along than I am.

The picture on the left was taken 7/3 at 13 weeks, and the picture on the right was taken 7/18 at 15 weeks, ONLY TWO WEEKS LATER.

My blog:

Eating for 3 or How our twins became our PillOffspring
(it's a pun on my husband's last name)

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Carrying twins - your plans? 
12:37pm 02/04/2009
mood: inquisitive
I've been wondering how I will carry my twins around after they're born. It may involve toting them up and down 3 flights of stairs (until we move from where we are now), so lugging two bulky, heavy car seats won't work, though we are getting a stroller for long walks. I have seen a myriad of sling and backpack options, but wasn't sure what would work best for twins in terms of both comfort (theirs and mine) and easy on/off. What are you all planning to do?
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Twins and individuality 
11:51am 03/03/2009
  I'm 16w pregnant with boy/girl twins (our first and probably only kids), and I couldn't be more excited. I've always wanted twins and getting one of each gender seems extra special to me. Here's the issue. I like to refer to my future babies as "the twins." My husband cautions me that I should never say that because they should be treated as individuals, and we should call them by name (when we have names, that is). But personally, I would have loved to be a twin and be called a twin. My (non-twin) sister and I were always called "the girls," and we had no problem with that. I have no plans to dress the twins alike or give them matching/similar names. I just want to call them "the twins," because I think being a twin is so cool. What are your thoughts?  
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C-section twin birth video 
12:24pm 12/02/2009
  Because I was looking for video of what this looked like while I was pregnant, I wanted to post this video.

It's exceptionally graphic, with blood, and the inside of people. My experience of it is that the whole thing never hurt, the recovery was quick, and the only thing weird was the smell. Definitely do not click if surgery videos freak you out, though.


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hello everyone 
10:18pm 08/02/2009
  hello, my name is Anissa
I'm 22, married, and live in Blacksburg, VA
I'm 12w3d with identical twins, of course I don't know the gender yet
my due date is august 20th
I already have a boy, Devon, who will be 3 march 14th.  and a girl, Gracie, who is 19 months.
this is my 7th pregnancy, 4 ended in miscarriage so being pregnant with twins definitely makes me nervous.  my son was born at 37 weeks & my daughter at 35.
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07:11pm 29/12/2008
mood: curious
I can't believe I'm 35 weeks tomorrow with the twins. I do feel relieved to have made it this far, particularly with the threat of pre-term labour that hangs over all mums of multiples. I feel confident that should they come now, they'd be okay. That being said, I don't particuarly feel as if they will come before their eviction date on the 20th of January. It has made me curious about gestational averages for twins. Books say 37 weeks is full term, and a good deal of twins come between 35-37 weeks. So I thought I'd poll the comm (hope that's okay Mods)

Poll #1322372 How long did your babies bake?

What was your twins gestational age at birth?

24-30 weeks
31-34 weeks
35-38 weeks
39-40 weeks
my twins went overdue

My labour...

occured naturally
was induced
n/a (c-section)

If you had a c-section, was it...

n/a (had a vaginal delivery)
due to the babies positions
due to fetal distress
due to maternal distress (GD, pre-e, etc)
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howdy, i'm new 
10:22pm 26/12/2008
  hi! i just found this community through pregnant and i figured "well, there are two in there, so i may as well join..." my name's roxanne and i'm 25 weeks pregnant with a girl and a boy. boyfriend and all our family is super excited, even though we're so young. everyone's been really supportive and it's good to see!

so on that note, i'm wondering about breastfeeding. i've read some things in twin books that i've picked up, but i want to hear from actual mothers of twins how easy/difficult it was.
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Just reassure me I'm not the only one... 
06:14pm 04/12/2008
mood: melancholy
Okay, so I'm 31 weeks pregnant with the twins and feeling like I should have my own zipcode. I'm not fussed about being big (I've been bigger) more about the lack of mobility and inability to get comfortable. Having been a member of the pregnancy community for a while I've read posts such as mine, normally from people who are 35+ weeks though. I know I'm carrying twins so everything is supersized, but today I'm just having a bad day and needed to rant.

If one more person tells me to enjoy the quiet I will smack them, or to take up a hobby. I know they mean well, but GRRRRR! It's cold here and I'm wary about going out by myself, perhaps I'm being paranoid, I don't know. It's dark here by 4 though. It's hard to plan things when most of my friends have full time jobs, so aren't available during the day. My husband works in retail and so this time of the year gets home later and later (tonight he won't be home until midnight) and as sympathetic as he tries to be, I sometimes bite his head off (hormones anyone?)

I feel like I should be worried about the birth or the caring for two babies but all I can think of is how am I going to survive these next 6 (at least) weeks. I know I shouldn't complain because my pregnancy has been a healthy one...no GD, bog standard blood pressure, normal weight gain, morning sickness that dissipated around 16 weeks although appetite still isn't so great, but really, I can't complain right? I should feel blessed. This is a wanted pregnancy, I very much am looking forward to meeting my twins, I have a good job and a wonderful loving supportive husband...so why am I so miserable today!!

*sigh* /end rant

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Birthing story for Philip and Jillian 
03:30pm 30/10/2008
  xposted to my journal and to parentsoftwins

Birthing story for Philip and Jillian,Collapse )
(You got me begging you for mercy) 
10:05am 18/10/2008
mood: groggy
I am 33 weeks pregnant with b/b twins. I don't mean to rant, but my poor husband has been having to deal with all the "in house" preggo drama. (o: Its just that I'm SO tired, my back hurts almost constantly, I've been in and out of the hospital since week 28 due to preterm labor. I have a beautiful one year old daughter and all I want to do is pick her up and take care of her, but I can't. My husbands birthday is tomorrow, but I can't drive anywhere to get him anything because I'm on all of these restrictions because I have contractions all the time and actual labor could start at any time. I can't sleep and I look like I have an exercise ball under my shirt. ugh.

Is there anyone else whose had twins, or is carrying twins that is going through this? Everyone always asks me how I'm doing and I just say, "as well as can be expected". I hate to just bold face lie, but its coming to that.

Has anyone had preterm labor and had to take Magnesium Sulfate for it? Did you experience any side effects? I've had it twice now and it was less than pleasant.

I'm just looking for some commiseration buddies. (o: Thanks for listening.

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Retiring, giving away parts of my website. 
08:32pm 06/10/2008
  I started my website http://www.a-mommys-world.com in 1998. It is now a huge website and also a huge mommy chat too at http://www.openmommychat.com It is all connected and has more than 10,000 members.

Basically what is happening is I need to be the behind the scenes person from now on. I want more time to myself and want to give back to the people basically. For all the great moms who helped me build the site I want to give back.

I want to not have to be on top of it all now, I want to literally GIVE AWAY parts so that others can have their own mommy site and chat room if they want as well without all the work, costs, hassle, and tech work.

I have over 100 chat rooms and over 500 message boards within the chat and forums on my website.

Basically all you need to do is stake claim to what you want and if someone has not already claimed it, it is yours, for good.

You can put in your request for any changes and additins you want and I or my staff will get that done in 3-7 days. In the mean time you can get started and also feel more than free to bring in your members or invite people to your boards or chat.

No costs, no hassle. I just need to do this because I want to be able to have more fun and less work online.
I want to give myself the oppertunity to explore new thiings in life and start new projects.

However I have built a huge website and refuse to just shut down on the thousands of members who love and rely on it.

So there you have it. If you want your own mommy site without the work, stake your claim.

07:07pm 30/09/2008
  Okay twin mamas, talk to me.

I really want to be able to wear my twins. Not as in all the time baby wearing, but it would be nice to wear them to pop to the shops or maybe, if possible, to wear them when breastfeeding. The key being, wearing them together.

Suggestions? Good models of slings? Help me out.

x-posted to pregnant.
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