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Birthing story for Philip and Jillian

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Monday, October 20th, I had started getting more serious contractions than I had had previously. I remember waking up to one that felt a bit like glass grinding and saying to Russell, "well that's not good..." The contractions had started being more regular. We went from every 23 minutes to none in an hour to every 7 minutes, and all the way round. There was no consistency, but they were happening at least every few hours by then. Russell went to work that day, as I just couldn't see enough consistency to do anything.
Monday night came and by then, several times, I had had instances of two hours where contractions went all the way down to every 7 minutes or so, and then went away for an hour. Russell and I tracked them, and finally we just went up to bed. Around 12:30 or so, they woke me up, and I started tracking them myself. They were a bit inconsistent at first, and then, they weren't. Every 7 minutes. Every 6 minutes. Every 5 minutes. 4 minutes? Seriously? Okay. Get up, call my OB's office. Okay. They hear what's happening and say, "come on in to the hospital."
Here we go. I get the last things packed into my suitcases, take a shower and then wake Russell up. He wakes up calm, but obviously freaked. I told him that all my stuff was packed, I was ready, he could take a shower if he liked, and we could get going. He decided against a shower, and we went downstairs and packed up everything into the car, and drove through the night.
It was a dark and foggy night. No, really. It was about 4 in the morning, and the fog off the lake was fairly thick. We have to drive over the lake to get to the hospital, so we drive right through it. This comforts me, actually. It's like a touch of California home for me, and I feel wrapped up and held safe by the fog.
When we get to the hospital they put us in a nice big room in L&D and put monitors on my belly to make sure the twins are doing well. Their heartbeats are reassuring. The midwife from my practice is on duty and comes in and checks my dilation to make sure that it's not out of control and something horrible is going on. Hours of labor at this point and I've managed to get 1 centimeter of dilation. She can feel Philip's head right on the other side, though. Jillian is hanging out at the top of the uterus getting horribly squeezed by every contraction. Her heartbeat is strong, though. My contractions are out of control at this point and they decide to give me something to calm them down. I don't remember what it was but it was fairly awful. It made my whole body shake and shake, and then shake some more. I feel like I am unbelievably cold. It was like having convulsions.
I'm showing blood, now.

Uribe is on duty and comes in and says that she thinks that it we'll go ahead with a c-section today. She has to go off duty, though, so it's the next doctor, and the final call is his. Litrel (the next doctor) comes in and I'm fairly happy about Uribe having me go around meeting all the different doctors in the practice. The midwife was actually the first one that I hadn't met. She was cool, though. Litrel checks me again and says that he's going to think about it and decide what to do.

An hour or so later they start prepping me. I am definitely going to have a c-section. Russell has been fairly calm. He's excited and nervous and all those things, but all in all he seems to be keeping it together very well. He rubs my back and holds my hand and is generally awesome. He keeps asking if we should call family or what. I'm loathe to call people too early and have them worry all through the c-section. I say we should wait, and then right before surgery, he calls his Dad and I call my Mom.

Into surgery we go. Russell is asked to wait outside while they get my set up in the room and stuff, so he stands out there in paper coveralls while they wheel me in. I get up on the table and they start the work to get an epidural going. Actually locating the nerve bundle hurts more than the needle going in, and the needle is full of a small local so that the actual epidural doesn't hurt. I feel close to nothing when the epidural goes in, they have me lay down quickly, and very soon after I feel nothing at all below my boobs.

Russell came in and sat at my head and asked how I was doing. I'm weird. Good, but weird.

Russell takes a bunch of video of them slicing me open and taking babies out. Philip Bradley comes first at 9:04 AM on Tuesday October 21st, 2008, Jillian Adair is next within the same minute. I start getting cold and convulsing again. That damn medicine. The anesthetician covers my arm and face up with a hot blanket and that helps, but I've shaken so much now that I feel sort of like throwing up, so I do.

I'm listening for baby cries and hear them for her, but hear mostly quiet from his side. Then noise. They clean up Philip and hand him to Russell who holds him and looks so freaking proud that he might die or something. Then they hand Jillian to him and he's holding both for a second until they take Philip away first and then Jillian. Russell gets to go and follow the babies being taken to the nursery and they do a bit of clean up on me.

After this the order of things gets a bit hazy. I'm guessing it's the morphine. Thank goodness for morphine. Also, for epidurals. I think that when I went back to our room that Jillian wasn't there yet. I do know that Philip wasn't. Philip had fluid in his lungs when he was born, and wasn't breathing as awesome as they had hoped. Jillian may be smaller, but she's more hardy, and was breathing like a champ from the start.

My mom is in our room and once I get there I do remember that I was still doing the cold convulsion. Mom stayed for a little while, and then took off to let me rest. Later that day I got up to walk, and then later on from there we went to see Philip across the hall. He looked so much bigger than Jill, but so much more precarious.There was a big monitor stuck to his heel, and a huge IV splint on his arm, and I just wanted to bundle him up and keep him safe from everyone and at the same time tell everyone to fix him! Fix him, now!

This was Tuesday morning, and I believe Philip finally joined us in room by late Wednesday night, or early Thursday. We kept them together on the same nursery crib flat, and they both seemed fairly oblivious to eachother, and yet snuggled together naturally.

Friday morning came and there was a lot of question as to whether or not Philip was well enough to go home, but they decided I was, and Jillian had been ready. Eventually, the doctor gave the okay for Philip. So at around 5 or 6 we got to leave the hospital and take our new family home.

Philip Bradley weighed 6 lbs /.3 oz at 19 and a half inches tall
Jillian Adair weighed 5 lb / 4.3 oz at 17 inches tall
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