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Just reassure me I'm not the only one...

Okay, so I'm 31 weeks pregnant with the twins and feeling like I should have my own zipcode. I'm not fussed about being big (I've been bigger) more about the lack of mobility and inability to get comfortable. Having been a member of the pregnancy community for a while I've read posts such as mine, normally from people who are 35+ weeks though. I know I'm carrying twins so everything is supersized, but today I'm just having a bad day and needed to rant.

If one more person tells me to enjoy the quiet I will smack them, or to take up a hobby. I know they mean well, but GRRRRR! It's cold here and I'm wary about going out by myself, perhaps I'm being paranoid, I don't know. It's dark here by 4 though. It's hard to plan things when most of my friends have full time jobs, so aren't available during the day. My husband works in retail and so this time of the year gets home later and later (tonight he won't be home until midnight) and as sympathetic as he tries to be, I sometimes bite his head off (hormones anyone?)

I feel like I should be worried about the birth or the caring for two babies but all I can think of is how am I going to survive these next 6 (at least) weeks. I know I shouldn't complain because my pregnancy has been a healthy one...no GD, bog standard blood pressure, normal weight gain, morning sickness that dissipated around 16 weeks although appetite still isn't so great, but really, I can't complain right? I should feel blessed. This is a wanted pregnancy, I very much am looking forward to meeting my twins, I have a good job and a wonderful loving supportive husband...so why am I so miserable today!!

*sigh* /end rant

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Maybe a little seasonal depression mixed in with the hormones? The cure for that is getting more light but all I wanted to do was SLEEP at that stage. Or wedge myself into our giant beanbag.

Hope you feel better soon.
Mmm, I hadn't thought about that. Normally I get lots of light because I'm at work early with the kiddies (I'm a teacher) and out at least once a week on playground duty. It's hard when it's so cold. I'm not sleepy as much as lacking energy. Good suggestion.
it is hard. very very hard to get through the last stages of a twin pregnancy. i think now that i am done with the pregnancy part there is that slight bit of amnesia where you don't remember every detail and that's probably a good thing. having a child (or children in our case!) really does change most aspects of your life as you know it (in mostly positive ways of course!). do whatever makes you feel the best right now! and if you don't know what that is, that is understandable!
I only made it one month further than you, but that was two and a half months ago, so I remember it fairly well.

Being that pregnant, with twins, sucks. It is really, really uncomfortable.

Doing what you can to soak in what light you can might help, as has already been suggested. Good luck!
I just hit 36. I know how you feel! I WANT THEM OUT!!!!
I still remember it all so clearly. The last few weeks of my twin pregnancy was bad.

Can't blame you for not wanting to go out alone. Silly me went out for a freaking Frosty by myself. I returned home, was about up to my door, when I tripped over MY OWN FEET, the frosty went flying, I slammed forward into the front of my house, and then landed on the ground -- 34 weeks pregnant with twins. Luckily I only scraped myself up, and the twins were in there kicking letting me know they were okay, but... you get the picture. It wasn't even dark outside!

I won't lie to you -- I could not get comfortable in the final weeks of my pregnancy. Between them hiccuping, moving around, and the weight of my own girth I was miserable. And yeah, you can complain! You're hormonal, uncomfortable, and it only gets worse until they're out then you have a whole slew of other problems to deal with!!!

This was me at 30 weeks and then 35 weeks. (Made it to the full 38!)

Wish I had a photo before I went to the hospital... but I was too in a hurry to get them out to think about it!

Hang in there. It sucks, but it's going to be worth it.
My belly got so freakishly big that I stopped taking Belly pics after week 29. Well, not precisely true. I took them, and then was so horrified by them that they got deleted.

The DH hearing that there were no pics of me past 29 weeks decided to take a good long video of my belly while I was in the hospital being prepped. I promptly flipped him off and told him to suck it.

The bigness cannot be emphasized enough...