trixie firecracker (hayden) wrote in twin_pregnancy,
trixie firecracker

howdy, i'm new

hi! i just found this community through pregnant and i figured "well, there are two in there, so i may as well join..." my name's roxanne and i'm 25 weeks pregnant with a girl and a boy. boyfriend and all our family is super excited, even though we're so young. everyone's been really supportive and it's good to see!

so on that note, i'm wondering about breastfeeding. i've read some things in twin books that i've picked up, but i want to hear from actual mothers of twins how easy/difficult it was.
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I found it impossible. I gave birth early (35 weeks) with a c-section and my breastmilk just never came in properly. It's worked quite well for other twin moms, though, as I'm sure you'll hear. So, it's a little hit and miss for us mothers of multiples.
It does seem that the earlier one gives birth, the harder time one has with it. Being persistent with it being your goal helps.

Good luck and congratulations!
Oh, also be aware of the parentsoftwins community. It tends to stay just a bit busier.
thank you! i will join that one too.