down the hills and round the bends (norton_gale) wrote in twin_pregnancy,
down the hills and round the bends

Twins and individuality

I'm 16w pregnant with boy/girl twins (our first and probably only kids), and I couldn't be more excited. I've always wanted twins and getting one of each gender seems extra special to me. Here's the issue. I like to refer to my future babies as "the twins." My husband cautions me that I should never say that because they should be treated as individuals, and we should call them by name (when we have names, that is). But personally, I would have loved to be a twin and be called a twin. My (non-twin) sister and I were always called "the girls," and we had no problem with that. I have no plans to dress the twins alike or give them matching/similar names. I just want to call them "the twins," because I think being a twin is so cool. What are your thoughts?
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