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Ewan & Rhys

On Friday the 26th of March I gave birth to my two beautiful baby boys. Ewan Thomas Davies and Rhys John Davies.

It all started the morning of Friday 26th. I was 36 weeks and 4 days. We had a scan at 9am and had an appointment to see my consultant. It all went well and they decided they were perfect sizes and that the scan that said Ewan was small was wrong. We then saw our consultant and he gave me the choice of when to be induced, the 31st of March or the 6th of April. We choose the 6th of April as much pain I was in I wanted to try and keep them in as close to their due date as possible. We left the hospital at 10.30, Chris headed off to work at 11 and I headed to bed for a nap. I had had lower back pain all morning but hadn't thought much about it because I was achey a lot anyway from the weight of them. I had been asleep a few hours as Morgan had decided to get me up at 5.30 that morning. I woke at about 2pm and felt a bit wet which I thought was odd I stood to get dress when there was a big gush of water, it was very much like you see in the movies, and it really shocked me I just that morning decided that they weren't going to be here until the 6th. I shouted for my mum to ring Chris at work and tell him to get home. He turned up 45 minutes later, after speeding all the way home. Tut Tut. My mum had told him I wasn't having contractions.
We headed to the hospital at 4 and I got my first contraction at 4.03 the lower back pain I had all that day had turned into the contractions it wasn't that painful. We got to the hospital and after an hour of mild contractions and an internal to see if my waters really did break, (They wouldn't believe me when I told them I was 150% sure my waters broke) they decided yes I was in labour. Our midwife at first was a crazy lady she looked like SuBo and acted as weird as her too. At 7.30 the midwives change over and I got a lovely lady called Sally, she was reassuring and to the point which was good because that was what I needed, the facts not some crazy lady that kept telling the babies off for moving. lol. Anyway labour went quite quickly I just had my tens machine until about 8, then moved onto gas and air because the pain started becoming unbearable. At about 9.15 Sally asked if I felt ready to push and I answered "Not quite yet" Which made Chris laugh because that's Morgan favourite saying at the moment and he said I said it just like he would have. At 9.30 I told them it felt like I should push then and at 9.45 Ewan came into the world, he wasn't crying so I panicked straight away. Which is when Chris, my mum and the midwives reassured me that he was fine in fact more than fine as he was wide awake looking at everyone. It took a few minutes for my contractions to come back which gave them time to make sure Rhys hadn't turned around, and then set me up with a dip to stop me from losing too much blood. Mean while Ewan was having his checks done and got an apgar of 9. I then got a really painful contraction and decided I was tired and wanted it over with so I started pushing again and at 10.05 Rhys was born and he was screaming the place down. He was taken by another paediatrician and also got an apgar of 9. I then delivered the after birth which was in fact one placenta which the midwives then said that they could in fact be identical. I know they are definitely not identical, I can see a huge difference. At first it was hard to tell them apart as they both just looked like babies. Chris still finds it a little hard to say who's who if they aren't next to each other. He's so worried about getting it wrong all the time. We have to keep feeding charts still to make sure their sugar levels stay normal so he's so worried he will write in the wrong babies chart.
After the checks on the both myself and the boys things calmed down, then at about 1ish Rhys started making a grunting moan like he was in pain. The midwives got special care to come to check on him, and the paediatrician said he was making that noise because his lungs aren't opening enough on their own and him making the odd noise was opening them. It was due to him being a bit premature. They got put on Trans A care which meant the twins were under special care but they gave the midwives instructions on what to do.

I didn't sleep at all Friday night, I was to awake after the birth. Also I was worrying over Ewan and Rhys. The rest of the time in hospital is a bit mushed up together I can't really think what day was what, it was more what happened. I probably won't even get it in the right order it happened. Rhys and Ewan had low blood sugar, and had to have a billion heel pricks every 3 hours, completely heart breaking listening to them cry. They both couldn't keep their temperature again due to them being premature. Rhys stopped making the noise as his lungs matured on their own. Huge relief! They then started showing how jaundice they were which meant more blood tests. At this point they were moved to Trans B care which means all their care was given by neonatal nurses but could stay with me instead of going to the nursery. Their bili rubin levels were really quite high so they were then put on the bili beds. With them not keeping their temperature and needing to stay on the bili beds all the time it was really hard to hold them and we could only really take them off when they needed feeding.

The boys are doing well now and have started putting weight on again yesterday they were weighed and Rhys was 5lbs 12 and Ewan 5lbs 15. So hopefully birth weight won't be too far off. Ewan has a bit of a sticky eye but nothing to worry about.

Ewan and Rhys. Then. Ewan with his big brother.

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Thank you I was sooo pleased when I knew I wouldn't be having a c-section. I really thought I'd give birth to one baby then have to rush to have a c-section just so pleased Rhys decided to stay head down.
Congratulations! Your family is beautiful. :)
Thank you
Sweet, sweet babies! Congrats.
Lovely to hear about a vaginal birth of twinnies. Very encouraging for twin mums to be. mentioned they had one placenta together. Now, other twin mums correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't sharing a placenta mean they are in fact, identical? The only foil to that would be if they had two placentas that fused.

Yeah my consultant is looking into it. I personally think they have fused together I'm sure at one of my early scans they pointed out two different placentas. I also notice a lot of differences in them too.
Identicals can look different. It sounds weird, but they can both absorb different amounts of chemicals in vitro and it can push the DNA around a little bit. It is totally possible that the placentas fused, though. The only real way to get a full yes or no is to get their DNA tested for zygosity. I see you're from the UK, so here's a place that does it in the UK

There's little reason to do it other than some medical and curiosity reasons (can they donate to each other and the whole "I just to know!"). It is helpful to know for research purposes, also.
A lot of twin parents participate in a lot of medical studies as twins (especially identicals) provide incredible amounts of information on nature/nuture questions. Even ones brought up in the same family will have slightly different experiences, and therefore often provide a lot of information on why humans develop as they do. It's something you might think about doing. Here's one place in the UK that does twin research
For those who are reading this around the world, you can go here to find your local registry if you want to participate in studies

Buckle in, amyd, you're in for an awesome ride. Twins are the most fantastic thing I've ever done. :D Super congratulations.
Thanks for all that information I've had a quick look at the websites but I'll have a better read tomorrow hopefully.

Would you mind if I added you, your other comments on breastfeeding have been really helpful.
You're added. And, thanks. My experiences are just one of thousands. Everyone is different. For example, Kate here has done a fantastic job of breastfeeding her two for over a year. I think people often forget that babies are just people, but little size. They're all different, even the ones that were born together, and all of them are going to need slightly different things.
My journal is fairly boring, as, honestly, I don't spend a ton of time updating. I comment a lot, but that's about it. :)
Be interesting to hear what they say.

My girls were di-di twins, two sacs and two placentas. I was told they are "probably not" identical at the scans. When they came out they were different weights but then often look identical. People ask me all the time if they are identical. Here in the UK they won't do a DNA test unless there is a medical reason why you need to know. My mother might do it in a couple of months with her tax rebate because she's just that curious.
Yeah we got a lot of "probably not" but when they were born it coursed alot of confusion. We probably won't rush to get a DNA test maybe when they are a bit older and they are still confusing us we might.

Your girls are gorgeous by the way
I am currently 23 weeks a long with identical twin boys. I want a vaginal birth so bad, but I am prepared for them to come out the best way possible. Thank you for sharing your story, it was so nice to see.